Who should use the AMDC?

The AMDC is for motor control experts and novices (who want to become experts).

On the spectrum between a high-end rapid control prototyping platform and a conventional motor drive, the AMDC sits in the middle—in terms of cost, complexity, and being able to implement robust, semi-permanent motor control that can operate autonomously, independent of a local host computer.

The platform has the capability (computation power, I/O, abstraction layers) to actuate new types of motors, but also standard types of motors.


To empower motor control students, researchers, and designers by providing an open-source sandbox for exploring and creating electric motor control platforms.


High performance* electric machines actuated to their full potential.

*(efficient, precise, responsive, robust).

Guilding Principles

  1. Open source, transparency, and community are necessary for the highest performance actuation of electric machines.
  2. Control engineers need to own their challenges and successes, be able to modify the platform for their unique needs, and not rely on a technical support team to solve problems or selectively disclose underlying architecture.
  3. Motor control design should start with simulation and a development platform should support and encourage consistency between simulated and hardware results.
  4. A control development platform should be extensible to extreme performance machines, yet simple enough to actuate conventional machines with a reasonable time investment from new users.